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Written by the experts for the experts

With over 2 decades of experience and a reputation built on experience, excellence and trust, IGNITE Events are THE worlds number one company for event production services for the motivational and personal development events sector.

We have been chosen by the world’s foremost promoters, speakers, trainers and events managers to assure that outcomes are elegantly met and backend conversions are at their maximum through the smooth and seamless delivery of events.
The fact that we are regularly chosen to service events not only in Europe but also in South Africa, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia is testament to the fact that we understand personal development events and how AV is used best to service your outcomes.

We have worked with the following experts:

  • Brian Tracey
  • Dr Stephen Covey
  • Brendan Burchard
  • Bob Proctor
  • Andy Harrington
  • Joseph McClendon III
  • Jairek Robbins
  • Joanna Martin
  • Kevin Green
  • Tony Robbins
  • Simon Coulson
  • Chris Howard and a vast array more

You will be delighted to know that we have also made an effort to train in and understand NLP to the high level of ‘Trainer’ meaning you now have a fully loaded weapon of AV and Psychology in one package. Having also completed the Anthony Robbins Mastery University and Leadership Mastery training programmes contributes to an even deeper knowledge of your industry and related event outcomes. We understand how music, from the lyrics and volume, to the tempo and key can influence people into various states and actions. We also understand how lighting, visuals and sound all have an influence on helping you achieve our outcomes to best serve your community.

The truth is, creating and managing a motivational event can be like producing, coordinating and directing a top flight movie, because everything matters – from crystal clear acoustics, perfectly matched event music delivered at precisely the right time, creatively thought out and well-presented backdrops, stages and sets, creative & dramatic lighting, large, clear, high definition video projection, all working together in harmony to give your audience a transformational and unforgettable experience.

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Joseph McClendon III

The Next Step

I speak a lot all over the world and what's really important with getting my message out there is not only being able to have a clear sound but more specifically have a clear sound and have the music and everything work on time and the guys at IGNITE make it happen and they make me look and sound good so if you have the opportunity to work with them, make it happen!


Andy Harrington

Public Speakers University

I have been teaching public speaking skills for quite some years now and many of my clients are some of the worlds best and most profitable speakers. People often ask me what makes my event and back end results so attractive. I merit one of the pieces to this puzzle to IGNITE. I have never come across an AV company that understands our events better than IGNITE. This is the only AV company that I know of that are not only truly formidable when it comes to the seamless delivery of events but they have even gone so far as being trained as trainers of NLP by John Grinder and have also done a host of trainings with Tony Robbins which means they REALLY understand our business and how to best get the results we get. This understanding in-tuned with 20 years of AV and music experience has meant that we have been able to make our business more profitable through the ideas and strategies implemented by IGNITE that we have we tried and tested with great profitable success.

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