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It takes a special kind of dedication, passion, commitment and coordination to ensure your meeting is a seamless success, however, more than this it needs a level of expertise that is of the highest standards accompanied by the most up to date technologies as and where required. This is where we are proud to boast of our industry leading service and delivery.

Meetings can be of any size, however, whilst there is not a one size fits all solution there is indeed a consistent level of service and care you can expect and receive no matter how large or small your meeting may be.

It is of imperative importance to give your meeting the polished, professional and seamless delivery you deserve, you simply cannot depend on a supplier employing a trial and error strategy. You want to know that every possible attention to detail is looked after, you want to know that everything is planned with perfect precision, you want to feel comfortable that you’re working with only the highest quality company whose professionals are amongst the most acknowledged, most respected and most in demand experts in the field.

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Simon Zutshi

Property Magic

I speak at events all around the country and around the world. I've seen all different type seen all different types of qualities of promotion, promoter and event. I'm really impressed with IGNITE. They help Joanne give such a professional feel to the event. The music was spot on, the lights were great, the stage looked great and it was all due to IGNITE. I highly recommend you using their services.



Skatta Television Productions

Skatta is a Television Production Company based in the UK. This weekend we got to work with IGNITE, the experience has been brilliant. The company is absolutely second to none. We've worked with a lot of AV companies in the past, there's always problems on jobs, you always get a few little hick up. The best thing about them is the support structure they have, the engineers that are on site, the equipment is fantastic. We've honestly had no problems on this job and I've personally found it one of the best jobs that I've been on and I would highly highly recommend IGNITE and I will definitely be using them in the future and I really suggest you use them. Ring IGNITE, get them on yiur next event because I'm definitely going to be using them for everything I can and I'm going to be recommending them in any way I can so I look forward to a long working relationship with them.

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