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It takes a special kind of dedication, passion, commitment and coordination to ensure your conference is a seamless success, however more than this it needs a level of expertise that is of the highest standards accompanied by the most up to date technologies. This is where we are proud to boast of our industry leading service and delivery.

Conferences can be of any size however whilst there is not a one size fits all solution there is indeed a consistent level of service and care you can expect and receive no matter how large or small your conference may be.
It is of imperative importance to give your conference the polished, professional and seamless delivery you deserve and you simply cannot depend on a supplier employing a trial and error strategy. You want to know that every possible attention to detail is looked after, you want to know that everything is planned with perfect precision, you want to feel comfortable that you’re working with only the highest quality company whose professionals are amongst the most acknowledged, most respected and most in demand experts in the field.

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Sonia Abrams

Hilton Waldorf Astoria

I have worked in the special events industry for many years now and am currently at the prestigious London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel and have had the pleasure of working with IGNITE. Their professionalism, attention to detail and communication has been outstanding. They have worked with our venue most efficiently and have tended to our every need without challenge and have always been easy to communicate with and have a very polite and friendly attitude. What they have created for our clients was a stunning high end production. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.


Dan Bradbury

Dan Bradbury International

I run large conferences, events and workshops and have used a lot of different AV Companies but I kept hearing about IGNITE and whenever I heard about them I only heard good things and a few of my peers said you got to check out IGNITE so for my next event I decided to take a risk. I moved away from my usual provider who I was perfectly happy with and decided to try IGNITE and was I happy I did. They went above and beyond. I accidently forgot my clicker the speakers need to move the slides forward. I couldn't find one and IGNITE immediately rushed out and got the problem handled and the same with a couple of other little details. The true mark for me of a great AV Company is if you don't notice them. The audience notice if microphones don't work when somebody tries to speak into them done or projectors don't work or are miss aligned or the lights don't dim at the right times and there was none of that. It was the smoothest event we've run from and AV perspective and on top of going above and beyond they were a a fantastic price, great value for money and these guys really deliver so if your looking at you next event you should definitely connect with the guys at IGNITE, you'll be glad you did.


Guerrilla Business Intensive

This is my first time working with IGNITE and I attribute the success of our 5 day event to them and the way they have managed to energy of the training with music visuals and AV. I’ve only had to look at the technicians and they know what to do. If you ever have the opportunity to work with IGNITE run, don’t walk. IGNITE are world class and make it work.

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