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Video comes in all shapes, sizes and indeed formats! We offer a comprehensive service that includes everything from filming and editing to crisp and crystal clear video projection, large format screens, plasma screens and LED video walls, all to make your video project complete.

We stock a variety of cameras and complimentary equipment that includes:

IGNITE are also proud to provide a comprehensive post production editing service for not only our own clients shoots, but also for those of you who may wish top outsource your editing to the experts here at IGNITE.

  • DV-Cam Player/Recorders
  • Mini DV Player/Recorders
  • DVD Player/Recorders
  • HDD Player/Recorders
  • Vision Mixers & Switchers
  • SD/HD Camera Systems
  • Visualisers
  • Video Conferencing Systems

We continually research and invest in the best, latest and most reliable technologies to offer you peace of mind and confidence that you are receiving the most up to date and robust solutions for your event.

IGNITE hold large stocks of screens and the latest projector models for all applications. Screens vary in size and format and all projectors are fully tested before each rental. In addition to resolution, projectors are graded and priced by light output (brightness). This is quoted by the international standard of ANSI Lumens.

Everything from standard video projection to large format wide PIP displays and video mapping. There isn’t anything we’ve been faced with that we cant service with excellence.

Projectors we stock include full HD Sanyo, Panasonic, Christie and Barco with light output varieties including 3000, 5000, 6000, 8000, 1000, 12000, 15000, 18000 and 22,000 ANSI Lumens. We also stock a large range of complimentary lenses to go with these and the necessary hanging frames for when rigging is required.

An extensive variety of lenses ranging from 0.8:1 to 6.2-9.0:1 to accompany the above mentioned projectors are available.

Projection Screens
IGNITE offer a wide range of projection screens in a variety different shapes and sizes from a small tripod screen for an office based meeting or a massive 60 meter wide edge blended widescreen, we have it all. For those more unique events we can create custom screen sizes in a variety of shapes no matter how unusual.

  • Super Widescreens
  • Rear Projection Screens
  • Soft Edge Blend Systems
  • Tripod Screens
  • Fast-Fold Screens
  • Truss Frame Screen
  • Custom Screen Sizes

Plasma Screens
Sometimes projection screens may not suit the conditions of the event space or the needs of the content to be displayed. In such circumstances you may want to consider plasma screens, you may find these to be a more suitable approach.

Our plasma screens for events and exhibitions can be utilised as stand alone displays, larger chains of screens or even large format video wall displays. Whatever your needs may be we will have a solution to suit your requirements.

Our stock inventory of the latest plasma screens deliver high contrast, high resolution images and is up to date, reliable, well maintained.

Full HD screens of the following sizes are available:

42″ | 50″ | 65″ | 85″ | 103″ | 156″

LED Video Walls
Our high resolution LED Video Walls are undoubtedly becoming more and more fashionable and in demand with each passing event. With stock of both indoor and outdoor LED Video Walls with a mm pitch starting from as low as 3mm which means you and those viewing can enjoy a crisp, vibrant and consistent image.

With our significant investment in LED Video Wall technology, we can offer you fully comprehensive solutions and support for both short term or long terms installation, hire or sale.
With easy rigging and setup procedures, our systems can easily be flown or ground stacked and are versatile and adaptable to different conditions. The modular panels feature bespoke quick connection for high speed set up and tear down offering you flexibility and confidence that you can meet the needs of your event timelines.

LED video panels provide an easily scalable display surface perfect for any type of visual content.

  • High Resolution
  • High Brightness
  • Fully Scalable Display From 0.5sqm To 100sqm
  • Easy Setup / Rigging / Programming
  • Low Costs Solution To Large Scale Video Screens

Jason Vale

The Juice Master

I put on events not only in the UK but all over the world and one of the biggest struggles I had for years was getting genuinely was getting a decent AV team. My experience prior to hiring IGNITE was stressful to say the least. There was always something going wrong along the way. Somebody recommended IGNITE and they are genuinely an incredibly professional team but moreover a caring team. It didn't just seem like a job to them. They we incredibly professional from the moment they arrived to the moment they left and everything ran smoothly. Whenever I run an even in the UK or when I can persuade them to get out of the country I always go with IGNITE and hope you do to.



Skatta Television Productions

Skatta is a Television Production Company based in the UK. This weekend we got to work with IGNITE, the experience has been brilliant. The company is absolutely second to none. We've worked with a lot of AV companies in the past, there's always problems on jobs, you always get a few little hick up. The best thing about them is the support structure they have, the engineers that are on site, the equipment is fantastic. We've honestly had no problems on this job and I've personally found it one of the best jobs that I've been on and I would highly highly recommend IGNITE and I will definitely be using them in the future and I really suggest you use them. Ring IGNITE, get them on yiur next event because I'm definitely going to be using them for everything I can and I'm going to be recommending them in any way I can so I look forward to a long working relationship with them.


Drisana Rose PA to Blair Singer

Sales Partners Worldwide

We had the pleasure of working with the IGNITE team whilst presenting a two day seminar in London. The team were very professional with an excellent service and performance. The audio visual is a large part of our program and can truly make or break the event. Having IGNITE as part of our team allowed us to maintain the high level of our brand. The sound and visuals were truly outstanding and I thoroughly recommend them, not only would I recommend them, I would use them again.

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