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EXCEPTIONALLY OUTSTANDING doesn’t just happen by chance. It takes, commitment, dedication, passion and true expertise to create WOW! This can often take weeks, months, or sometimes-even years of planning to eventually realize your creative vision. That’s why we dedicate our time to you, to understand and deliver your visions and beyond your expectations.

IGNITE creative and technical experts are keen to work in partnership with you and together produce a world class event. As part of our effort to help you through an often confusing array of technical jargon and creative concepts, we believe that seeing really is believing.

Utilising the best CAD software, we create rendered pictures and fly-through animations to visualise your event so you can grasp the sheer brilliance of it before it happens and even use this to gain sponsorship or high level approval.

If you’re spending thousands of pounds on creative graphics, projection, video or lighting, it’s always advisable to invest that little bit more to see how it’s all going to look beforehand so that you can focus on your responsibilities with more confidence.

CAD planning doesn’t only allow you to visualise the final show from the pictures and video fly-throughs. Upon completing thorough site surveys, our designers can then use detailed measurements and photographs to construct an accurate, computer-generated 3D model of a venue, complete with all its features and textures.

This ensures that everything will fit and work as planned and moreover will highlight and suggest fixes for any potential concerns that might arise, from checking sight lines and screen sizes to knowing how many tables can fit into a your event space.


Sangraam Marathe

Zee Television Network

IGNITE bring a professional approach to everything they do. The planning and attention to detail was spot on...what a show it was!


Joanna Martin

Shift Speaker Training

We make our living from delivering from really high quality events. None of what we do would be possible without an incredible support from an AV team and here in the UK the guys that we use are IGNITE. Now this team are without a doubt one of the best we have ever worked with. The thing that I love most is that they are every much in communication and everything they send is very transparent, there's no rubbish and no hidden costs or anything, there straight down they line. They are addicted to going the extra mile and throwing extras in and delivering more than we asked for which always make me look fabulous and I like that. I highly recommend these guys, you can trust them, we trust them, I would trust Sanj with my business and my life as well. There really friendly and easy to get along with. If you want to make a real impression, than IGNITE are your guys.


Del Ghosal

IAFA Awards

We have used IGNITE personally and also recommended them to our clients. They are, have always been and will continue to be our first choice.


David Cavanagh

Easy Member Income

I'd like to leave an endorsement for IGNITE. I travel to England many times talking at events and attending events and I've always seen IGNITE supplying equipment for an event, staging an event, staffing an event and they know there stuff and know it well. I don't even really need to talk about them because there stage presence talks for itself. They set up, they don't hassle you, they turn up on time, they turn up before time, they stay after time, they don't charge extra money, they really work with you. If you got a small budget, a large budget, whatever kind or size of venue, if its a small school function or a large auditorium, they are working with you. The guys and girls at IGNITE are great. I would book them beyond a shadow of a doubt, I wouldn't even think of another company. Make sure you book them and book them well and truly in advance, you know why, because every other person just like you is booking them. All I can say is book IGNITE straight away because there exceptional and there better than value for money.


Drisana Rose PA to Blair Singer

Sales Partners Worldwide

We had the pleasure of working with the IGNITE team whilst presenting a two day seminar in London. The team were very professional with an excellent service and performance. The audio visual is a large part of our program and can truly make or break the event. Having IGNITE as part of our team allowed us to maintain the high level of our brand. The sound and visuals were truly outstanding and I thoroughly recommend them, not only would I recommend them, I would use them again.

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