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Guerrilla Business Intensive

This is my first time working with IGNITE and I attribute the success of our 5 day event to them and the way they have managed to energy of the training with music visuals and AV. I’ve only had to look at the technicians and they know what to do. If you ever have the opportunity to work with IGNITE run, don’t walk. IGNITE are world class and make it work.

Topher Morrison

I’ve been a professional speaker for over 27 years so I’ve been to loads of events and Ill tell you that I’ve been very impressed with all that IGNITE has been doing for this event. Its typical that we always want to be planned and prepared but this never happens, things always go wrong, we do last minute changes and what’s interesting is that we have been hammering these guys with last minute changes on everything al all we’ve gotten is one response, ‘No Problem’. Let me tell you, it’s a problem, but their not making it a problem. I’m VERY impressed. IGNITE have made this a stress free event, I highly recommend them, their great people!

Ryan Diess

I’ve just finished speaking at a wonderful event in London and I want to give props to the AV team for the set up. This was a phenomenally well done event. The sound was great, the video was great the whole set up was great. I’ve been involved in a lot of events and without a doubt this was one of the best professionally done. Nice work!


Kevin Green

Secret Millionaire & Wealth Coach

We are a business training company and a professional event organiser. Prior to engaging IGNITE, we were trying to make things work with an alternative supplier. Since engaging IGNITE we have found that not only have our events become more polished and professional but it has stepped our events up to the next level. The fact that we now have IGNITE taking care of our event production provisions has helped us focus on what we do best. We have found IGNITE to be very flexible and accommodating with last minute requests, creative with their input and ideas to make the event experience better for our delegates and trainers and also flexible in accommodating our needs within budget. The IGNITE team of experts are always polite, well dressed and an utter joy to work with. We look forward to a mutually fruitful relationship with them


Sangraam Marathe

Zee Television Network

IGNITE bring a professional approach to everything they do. The planning and attention to detail was spot on...what a show it was!


Joanna Martin

Shift Speaker Training

We make our living from delivering from really high quality events. None of what we do would be possible without an incredible support from an AV team and here in the UK the guys that we use are IGNITE. Now this team are without a doubt one of the best we have ever worked with. The thing that I love most is that they are every much in communication and everything they send is very transparent, there's no rubbish and no hidden costs or anything, there straight down they line. They are addicted to going the extra mile and throwing extras in and delivering more than we asked for which always make me look fabulous and I like that. I highly recommend these guys, you can trust them, we trust them, I would trust Sanj with my business and my life as well. There really friendly and easy to get along with. If you want to make a real impression, than IGNITE are your guys.


Dr Rami Ranger MBE

Sunmark Ltd

We have engaged IGNITE as an Audio/Visual company for our functions in the past and have been very impressed with their professionalism and great service. We found that care was taken to ensure every requirement was met and no stone left unturned. The IGNITE team are versatile and can adapt to change very quickly. We found IGNITE to be trustworthy and can be relied upon in the most stressful of situations, one can concentrate on other tasks and be assured that they will carry out their job professionally and diligently. We found the IGNITE team to be attentive to our needs by providing an outstanding and bespoke service. IGNITE have helped to make our events a success.


Andy Harrington

Public Speakers University

I have been teaching public speaking skills for quite some years now and many of my clients are some of the worlds best and most profitable speakers. People often ask me what makes my event and back end results so attractive. I merit one of the pieces to this puzzle to IGNITE. I have never come across an AV company that understands our events better than IGNITE. This is the only AV company that I know of that are not only truly formidable when it comes to the seamless delivery of events but they have even gone so far as being trained as trainers of NLP by John Grinder and have also done a host of trainings with Tony Robbins which means they REALLY understand our business and how to best get the results we get. This understanding in-tuned with 20 years of AV and music experience has meant that we have been able to make our business more profitable through the ideas and strategies implemented by IGNITE that we have we tried and tested with great profitable success.


Sonia Abrams

Hilton Waldorf Astoria

I have worked in the special events industry for many years now and am currently at the prestigious London Syon Park, A Waldorf Astoria Hotel and have had the pleasure of working with IGNITE. Their professionalism, attention to detail and communication has been outstanding. They have worked with our venue most efficiently and have tended to our every need without challenge and have always been easy to communicate with and have a very polite and friendly attitude. What they have created for our clients was a stunning high end production. I look forward to working with them again in the near future.


Stephanie Hale

Oxford Writers Club

Thank you for your professionalism - and especially for your help in moving the stage at such short notice. Please pass on my thanks to Alastair too for all his hard work in making the AV run smoothly, which was very much appreciated. You were the hidden heroes of the event. Again, thank you for taking time out from your busy schedule to help us last weekend at such short notice. You were very professional and I really appreciated your help.


Sunny Vohra

Twickenham Film Studio's



Arun Luthra

Ragamama Ragasaan

Having built Ragamama from the ground up. I remember the team I formed to build my power-team. IGNITE have been our partners in providing consumer conscious event production with a focus on delivering a standard I consider to be simply the best. This is a company I recommend you book and book early!


Simon Coulson

Internet Business School

I have been used several AV companies for my events but thought I would try the IGNITE team as recommended by my friend and colleague Andy Harrington. I am thoroughly impressed with the excellent level of all round service, expertise and professional trouble free delivery at my conference. They delivered more than was expected. They were prompt, polite, clean cut and professional, and competitively priced. The set up looked and sounded outstanding. Overall the IGNITE experience was flawless and I am delighted to recommend them and look forward to using them again at my future events


Michael Gurtata

Starcrown Hotels

Not only do we use IGNITE for all of our own family and social events, we use IGNITE for all of our company events. I find the experience to be seamless from the moment we hire them to the moment the event is completed, their service is second to none. If you want a company you can rely on and rest assured your event is in good hands, IGNITE are the company to go with.


Joseph McClendon III

The Next Step

I speak a lot all over the world and what's really important with getting my message out there is not only being able to have a clear sound but more specifically have a clear sound and have the music and everything work on time and the guys at IGNITE make it happen and they make me look and sound good so if you have the opportunity to work with them, make it happen!


Taher Tayeb

Lords Group Of Hotels

People have often said I throw the most enjoyable events in town. I attribute this statement to IGNITE. I have always use IGNITE and have gone so far as to change my event date to suit their availability, that is how important I consider it to be to have IGNITE at my events and parties.


Jason Vale

The Juice Master

I put on events not only in the UK but all over the world and one of the biggest struggles I had for years was getting genuinely was getting a decent AV team. My experience prior to hiring IGNITE was stressful to say the least. There was always something going wrong along the way. Somebody recommended IGNITE and they are genuinely an incredibly professional team but moreover a caring team. It didn't just seem like a job to them. They we incredibly professional from the moment they arrived to the moment they left and everything ran smoothly. Whenever I run an even in the UK or when I can persuade them to get out of the country I always go with IGNITE and hope you do to.


Shashi Ahluwalia

Rainbow Textiles

I am very particular when it comes to our events. I expect nothing short of brilliance and sophistication and this is exactly why I always call upon IGNITE. They are a consumer conscious business with a model that built upon the principles of adding value to their customers. I am a true fan and highly recommend you book IGNITE.


Simon Zutshi

Property Magic

I speak at events all around the country and around the world. I've seen all different type seen all different types of qualities of promotion, promoter and event. I'm really impressed with IGNITE. They help Joanne give such a professional feel to the event. The music was spot on, the lights were great, the stage looked great and it was all due to IGNITE. I highly recommend you using their services.


Del Ghosal

IAFA Awards

We have used IGNITE personally and also recommended them to our clients. They are, have always been and will continue to be our first choice.


Nick Griffith

JV Dinners

IGNITE, they are more than just a business, they are professionals. I have worked with a few companies who have just gone through the motions but IGNITE are a business and an AV business that will take your event to the next level. They're flexible, professional, full of ideas and they get the job done. You don't need to be second-guessed, you don't need to look over their shoulder, they will deliver it and that extra ten percent. IGNITE all the way, I would never choose anyone else.


Bobby Babbar

R P S Jewelers

The only company I will ever use for our events and the only company I will ever recommend is IGNITE. Why? Because they are true leaders when it comes to entertaining and commanding the audience. The guys are great to work with and the performance is always brilliant.


Dan Bradbury

Dan Bradbury International

I run large conferences, events and workshops and have used a lot of different AV Companies but I kept hearing about IGNITE and whenever I heard about them I only heard good things and a few of my peers said you got to check out IGNITE so for my next event I decided to take a risk. I moved away from my usual provider who I was perfectly happy with and decided to try IGNITE and was I happy I did. They went above and beyond. I accidently forgot my clicker the speakers need to move the slides forward. I couldn't find one and IGNITE immediately rushed out and got the problem handled and the same with a couple of other little details. The true mark for me of a great AV Company is if you don't notice them. The audience notice if microphones don't work when somebody tries to speak into them done or projectors don't work or are miss aligned or the lights don't dim at the right times and there was none of that. It was the smoothest event we've run from and AV perspective and on top of going above and beyond they were a a fantastic price, great value for money and these guys really deliver so if your looking at you next event you should definitely connect with the guys at IGNITE, you'll be glad you did.


Bobby Dhillon Sohi

Dhillon Hotels

We have used Sanj and his team on several occasions and have been delighted with the level of service we have experienced and their performance has always stood out as being a cut above the rest. I highly commend them.



Skatta Television Productions

Skatta is a Television Production Company based in the UK. This weekend we got to work with IGNITE, the experience has been brilliant. The company is absolutely second to none. We've worked with a lot of AV companies in the past, there's always problems on jobs, you always get a few little hick up. The best thing about them is the support structure they have, the engineers that are on site, the equipment is fantastic. We've honestly had no problems on this job and I've personally found it one of the best jobs that I've been on and I would highly highly recommend IGNITE and I will definitely be using them in the future and I really suggest you use them. Ring IGNITE, get them on yiur next event because I'm definitely going to be using them for everything I can and I'm going to be recommending them in any way I can so I look forward to a long working relationship with them.


Vishal Misal

UK Promoter for Brian Tracy

I was unsure about whom to use for AV at my event. I had spoken to several promoters for guidance and every single one of them recommended IGNITE. I had previously approached other AV firms for quotations but found this to be a waste of time as when dealing with IGNITE, I found their advice, honesty, flexibility and speed to be unparalleled. IGNITE delivered a seamlessly efficient AV experience for the event and even our delegates had commented on how pleasant the sound and visual experience was. I look forward to working with IGNITE for my next event.


Harpal Bachu

Harpal Photography

I know exactly who to turn to. IGNITE! This company and its team of talent quite simply are the best in their field. What also stands out is how different they are and how much care and attention they put into each event. The set up is always spot on and the music is second to none. The choice is simple, IGNITE all the way!


Harry Singha

Youth Coaching Academy

I have the absolute pleasure of sharing with you the passion and impact of IGNITE. At the Youth Coaching Academy we travel around the world and we do many events, 20 people up to 2000 people. At the events I get all the credit, our trainers get all the credit but I always know its the AV that creates the magic. When I'm here in the UK or any parts of the world, if anybody asks me who I would use for AV I would say IGNITE. Why, because not only do they understand what we're about, not only are they professional. To me they're stealth. I don't even see them. I could say something and the magic comes with a sound. Have you ever been at an event where your trying to click and its not working for you, you know how painful that is. I've had that, but with IGNITE I don't get any of that. I can give you 100%, from me Harry Singha of the Youth Coaching Confederation I would always choose IGNITE.


Amit Lamba

Laguna Banqueting

IGNITE is the company we have relied upon year after year to deliver chic, sophisticated and illustrious set ups accompanied with flawless delivery and a service which is second to none.


Chris Farrell

Internet Business Expert

I do lots of talk at various events around the world. When you do public speaking events it really is the detail that makes the difference between a good event and a great event and working with IGNITE I am absolutely blown away and bowled over by there attention to detail, not only that but also the manner with which there staff conduct themselves. It is the little things that make all the difference. If your ever looking for some great guys, IGNITE are your team.


David Cavanagh

Easy Member Income

I'd like to leave an endorsement for IGNITE. I travel to England many times talking at events and attending events and I've always seen IGNITE supplying equipment for an event, staging an event, staffing an event and they know there stuff and know it well. I don't even really need to talk about them because there stage presence talks for itself. They set up, they don't hassle you, they turn up on time, they turn up before time, they stay after time, they don't charge extra money, they really work with you. If you got a small budget, a large budget, whatever kind or size of venue, if its a small school function or a large auditorium, they are working with you. The guys and girls at IGNITE are great. I would book them beyond a shadow of a doubt, I wouldn't even think of another company. Make sure you book them and book them well and truly in advance, you know why, because every other person just like you is booking them. All I can say is book IGNITE straight away because there exceptional and there better than value for money.


Ken Barnes

Ardyss International

I was able to communicate with the audience in a really effective way because the sound and AV equipment was first class and second to none. Dealing with the technicians, they were able to answer my questions effectively and properly. It was a pleasurable experience. I recommend IGNITE, Highly professional, great guys, one hundred percent, ten out of ten.


Jennifer Davidson – Events Manager

Platinum Property Partners

We just finished our quarterly Franchise Partner Workshop for which we used IGNITE for the first time. We have done our previous events using our own PA system, however having the IGNITE team on board took our seminars and workshops to a totally different level. The whole team and franchise partners were extremely impressed the AV provided. The IGNITE team were professional, well presented, punctual and were flexible and equipped to accommodate our changing needs, when our requirements changed last minute. I confidently recommend them and look forward to using them for our future events.


Peter Thomson

Peter Thomson International PLC

I was fortunate enough to come across the IGNITE team whilst doing a keynote at a weekend seminar. I was highly impressed with their set up and level of expertise and I'm delighted to recommend them.


John Butler – Event Producer

Yes Group London

IGNITE have been our preferred supplier for our monthly event AV and staging requirements for nearly 2 years now. Our evening and full day events are demanding and sometimes unpredictable, but the team and supplied equipment from IGNITE have always been up to the task. They have consistently proven to be both professional and flexible in meeting our needs and the level of service and performance has been truly outstanding.


Tamara Norwood – Events Manager

Shift Enterprises

IGNITE are true leaders in AV industry! They contributed massively to the success of our "events and their choice or music was exactly how we wanted. They are our one and only choice!


Drisana Rose PA to Blair Singer

Sales Partners Worldwide

We had the pleasure of working with the IGNITE team whilst presenting a two day seminar in London. The team were very professional with an excellent service and performance. The audio visual is a large part of our program and can truly make or break the event. Having IGNITE as part of our team allowed us to maintain the high level of our brand. The sound and visuals were truly outstanding and I thoroughly recommend them, not only would I recommend them, I would use them again.


Bina Patel


IGNITE are quite simply the only company I would consider for our parties and they are the ONLY company I recommend. They are friendly, approachable and have the write approach. The music is great and the setup always surprises me.


Ash Kumar

Mendhi Icon - Guiness World Record Holder

Organised and extremely well prepared.



Zee Television Network

Definitely THE one to use again!


Tasmin Lucia Khan


So professional to work with.


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