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IGNITE proudly boasts a rock solid track record with success after success in a range of overseas territories resulting in growth for servicing events in international markets. The IGNITE international event portfolio includes successes in locations to include:

  • Ireland
  • France
  • Holland
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • Australia
  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Singapore
  • South Africa
  • India
  • Thailand
  • Jamaica & St Lucia

We can help you in the creative and technical production aspects of your events that may include:

  • Corporate Conferences
  • Product Launches
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Pharmaceutical
  • AGM’s
  • Exhibitions
  • Private Parties
  • Fashion Shows
  • Themed Events
  • Weddings

Like you, clients continue to engage us to support them on their events overseas simply because we thrive on two words of feedback: Exceptional and Outstanding!

‘IGNITE have worked seamlessly with both local venues and local suppliers to assure our world tour has been delivered with consistency and excellence. They have travelled with us and given us the confidence and certainty we need to know that everything will run perfectly’

IGNITE consult directly with all necessary parties to ensure that event spaces are set up specifically to your requirements. As part of the on-site team we can brief presenters, answer questions, calm nerves and make any last minute amendments as and when needed.

A partnership with IGNITE International instils confidence in presenters, reduces stress on the project team and alleviates risk of technical breakdown. Our partnership with local suppliers eliminates potential cultural and language hurdles and most importantly gives your delegates the best possible event experience ensuring positive associations and significant ROI gains


Joseph McClendon III

The Next Step

I speak a lot all over the world and what's really important with getting my message out there is not only being able to have a clear sound but more specifically have a clear sound and have the music and everything work on time and the guys at IGNITE make it happen and they make me look and sound good so if you have the opportunity to work with them, make it happen!


David Cavanagh

Easy Member Income

I'd like to leave an endorsement for IGNITE. I travel to England many times talking at events and attending events and I've always seen IGNITE supplying equipment for an event, staging an event, staffing an event and they know there stuff and know it well. I don't even really need to talk about them because there stage presence talks for itself. They set up, they don't hassle you, they turn up on time, they turn up before time, they stay after time, they don't charge extra money, they really work with you. If you got a small budget, a large budget, whatever kind or size of venue, if its a small school function or a large auditorium, they are working with you. The guys and girls at IGNITE are great. I would book them beyond a shadow of a doubt, I wouldn't even think of another company. Make sure you book them and book them well and truly in advance, you know why, because every other person just like you is booking them. All I can say is book IGNITE straight away because there exceptional and there better than value for money.

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