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Innovative and creative stage sets and scenery is something we pride ourselves, however, you may just need a little something to compliment your current staging solution.

We have an assortment of custom lecterns from simple designs through to contemporary styles that include illuminated and perspex versions. We can custom make top tables to incorporate monitor screens, microphones and timer systems all designed to make your event run more efficiently. We have long standing relationships with leading event theme companies, ensuring we can provide that special prop to make your event completely unique.

We can help you with:

  • Top Tables Design
  • Lectern Design and Hire
  • Theme Items Hire
  • Awards Tables Design
  • Floral Decorations Hire
  • Chair Cover Hire
  • Chocolate Fountains Hire
  • Creative LED Dance Floors Hire
  • Event Furniture Hire
  • Stage Furniture Hire

Arun Luthra

Ragamama Ragasaan

Having built Ragamama from the ground up. I remember the team I formed to build my power-team. IGNITE have been our partners in providing consumer conscious event production with a focus on delivering a standard I consider to be simply the best. This is a company I recommend you book and book early!


Dan Bradbury

Dan Bradbury International

I run large conferences, events and workshops and have used a lot of different AV Companies but I kept hearing about IGNITE and whenever I heard about them I only heard good things and a few of my peers said you got to check out IGNITE so for my next event I decided to take a risk. I moved away from my usual provider who I was perfectly happy with and decided to try IGNITE and was I happy I did. They went above and beyond. I accidently forgot my clicker the speakers need to move the slides forward. I couldn't find one and IGNITE immediately rushed out and got the problem handled and the same with a couple of other little details. The true mark for me of a great AV Company is if you don't notice them. The audience notice if microphones don't work when somebody tries to speak into them done or projectors don't work or are miss aligned or the lights don't dim at the right times and there was none of that. It was the smoothest event we've run from and AV perspective and on top of going above and beyond they were a a fantastic price, great value for money and these guys really deliver so if your looking at you next event you should definitely connect with the guys at IGNITE, you'll be glad you did.


Ash Kumar

Mendhi Icon - Guiness World Record Holder

Organised and extremely well prepared.

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