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Do you want to give your event maximum visual impact? How can this be achieved? The answer is LIGHTING! All you have to do is take a look at any image of an event that looks mind blowing and notice how big a part lighting has played in it! Many people hallucinate that creating a dazzling and creative lighting effect can be costly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The creative use of lighting fixtures can create wowing visual impact by this relatively inexpensive element that’s too often overseen and ignored.

Lighting is essential for setting the mood and producing a memorable visual experience. Combined with outstanding sound quality sound, crystal clear and crisp video displays, lighting design can be used to create, and orchestrate the ambience of any event, from the smooth and calm to the dramatically exhilarating.

Our lighting technologies are always well researched and up to date for your complete benefit and certainty. We are aligned with brands that include Avolites, Martin, Robe, Clay Paky, ETC, Milos and a vast array more.


Simon Zutshi

Property Magic

I speak at events all around the country and around the world. I've seen all different type seen all different types of qualities of promotion, promoter and event. I'm really impressed with IGNITE. They help Joanne give such a professional feel to the event. The music was spot on, the lights were great, the stage looked great and it was all due to IGNITE. I highly recommend you using their services.


Chris Farrell

Internet Business Expert

I do lots of talk at various events around the world. When you do public speaking events it really is the detail that makes the difference between a good event and a great event and working with IGNITE I am absolutely blown away and bowled over by there attention to detail, not only that but also the manner with which there staff conduct themselves. It is the little things that make all the difference. If your ever looking for some great guys, IGNITE are your team.


Tamara Norwood – Events Manager

Shift Enterprises

IGNITE are true leaders in AV industry! They contributed massively to the success of our "events and their choice or music was exactly how we wanted. They are our one and only choice!

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