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Irrespective of what your product or service may be, we have a solution that will surpass your expectations and deliver the outcome you want.

Over the years we have launched products ranging from giant Mercedes Benz to Mobile Phones and new Start Up products and services. A successful product launch is critical to it’s success. We appreciate that some launches need to make an impact whilst others need an element of wonder, curiosity or small-scale intimacy. Whatever the occasion we can help make sure that everything runs smoothly and achieves the desired outcome.

If you want to launch your product or service to the market place, you simply cannot depend on a supplier employing a trial and error strategy. You want to know that every possible attention to detail is looked after, you want to know that everything is planned with perfect precision, you want to feel comfortable that you’re working with only the highest quality company whose professionals are amongst the most acknowledged, most respected and most in demand experts in the field.


Jason Vale

The Juice Master

I put on events not only in the UK but all over the world and one of the biggest struggles I had for years was getting genuinely was getting a decent AV team. My experience prior to hiring IGNITE was stressful to say the least. There was always something going wrong along the way. Somebody recommended IGNITE and they are genuinely an incredibly professional team but moreover a caring team. It didn't just seem like a job to them. They we incredibly professional from the moment they arrived to the moment they left and everything ran smoothly. Whenever I run an even in the UK or when I can persuade them to get out of the country I always go with IGNITE and hope you do to.


Ash Kumar

Mendhi Icon - Guiness World Record Holder

Organised and extremely well prepared.

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