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Meticulous care and attention to detail, creativity, technical expertise, innovation and world-class customer service is what is required to assure your Gala Dinner not only stands out but is an experience that everyone will enjoy and remember for time to come.

IGNITE designs, supplies and supports a vast array of Gala Dinners each year some as stand alone events, some as part of a larger event. We understand that creating the atmosphere you want is of paramount importance and are sanative to that fact that Gala Dinners can range in nature and theme, from the most formal and reverent to the most contemporary and vibrant. IGNITE strive to make your Gala Dinner memorable and unforgettable it has to look right, sound right, feel right and most importantly of all you need to achieve your outcomes.

There is no room for a trial and error approach. Everything must be considered in meticulous attention to detail and no stone must be left unturned.

We can tailor everything to your specific needs, bringing in specialist additional equipment, ensuring additional personnel are present, whatever is needed to make your Gala Dinner an outstanding success. Our mission is to make everything happen seamlessly so that you are free to work on other demanding matters.

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Arun Luthra

Ragamama Ragasaan

Having built Ragamama from the ground up. I remember the team I formed to build my power-team. IGNITE have been our partners in providing consumer conscious event production with a focus on delivering a standard I consider to be simply the best. This is a company I recommend you book and book early!


Nick Griffith

JV Dinners

IGNITE, they are more than just a business, they are professionals. I have worked with a few companies who have just gone through the motions but IGNITE are a business and an AV business that will take your event to the next level. They're flexible, professional, full of ideas and they get the job done. You don't need to be second-guessed, you don't need to look over their shoulder, they will deliver it and that extra ten percent. IGNITE all the way, I would never choose anyone else.

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