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It’s all about first impressions, whether it is the height of haute couture or the latest corporate uniform there is only one chance to impress!

If you’re looking for that dramatic, dazzling and sophisticated show to bring your fashion event into the spotlight, you’ll be hard challenged to find anything comparable to the dramatic effect IGNITE can bring. No doubt there’s a distinction, a uniquely different and dazzling quality to the kind of fashion you want to bring to the stage and as such, it should be perfectly matched with the exciting buzz, pizzazz and sparkle of multimedia and technological sophistication that can do justice to your striking designs. The very designs and fashion statements you want the world to see.

IGNITE have developed a special kind of expertise when it comes to creating extraordinary events and we can most definitely set the stage for your fashion show to come alive. This is done by fusing together your design and fashion excellence and our creative events genius with state-of-the-art AV technology that make our ideas come to life irrespective of the size, scope or complexity of your event.

Our unobtrusive yet powerful audio systems provide crystal clear sound to compliment the creative light show and crisp video displays.


Shashi Ahluwalia

Rainbow Textiles

I am very particular when it comes to our events. I expect nothing short of brilliance and sophistication and this is exactly why I always call upon IGNITE. They are a consumer conscious business with a model that built upon the principles of adding value to their customers. I am a true fan and highly recommend you book IGNITE.


Del Ghosal

IAFA Awards

We have used IGNITE personally and also recommended them to our clients. They are, have always been and will continue to be our first choice.

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